Wildlife removal services is provided by professional wildlife removal companies. They are the experts in this line of work. Wildlife crimes and the illegal trade of wildlife and plants cause quite a bit of damage to New Jersey and neighboring areas. Businesses and homes are often broken into and wildlife is killed. In fact, one humane game warden was recently killed by a wild animal she was attempting to apprehend. The public has a right to know about these issues.

As with any service industry, there are horror stories about wildlife removal services that are not as pleasant as those of other services. One such incident took place at the borough of Monroe, New Jersey. A company from the wildlife department notified the homeowner that a squirrel had fallen out of an attic. She removed the squirrels as pets, which she thought were fine, but when she went to feed them, the squirrels were dead. She called the wildlife removal services to remove the dead squirrels and they cleaned up the attic, washing it down with insecticide.

The company from the wildlife department informed her that the initial inspection of the attic had been improperly performed. She was not authorized or trained to conduct an initial inspection. Inspectors were not sent to the attic on the day of the incident. In one wildlife removal services invoice, there is a note that the initial inspection was “inconclusive”. This means that the inspector did not find evidence of the animal being in the attic.

As mentioned above, the inspection of the attic was “inconclusive”. Why? The inspector did not see any evidence that the animals were in the attic, but he saw evidence that a squirrel had died in it. For this reason alone, this particular company would not be recommended by anyone who uses wild and nuisance wildlife removal services in Kentucky.

The best way to ensure that a company uses sound judgment while removing any kind of invasive species, is to call them to give you an appointment before the service is scheduled to begin. You want to make sure that the person coming to inspect your home has the knowledge that they need to be sure that the animals will be removed. Ask for their permission and certification to conduct the removal. Ask for records of permits that they have already obtained, like the information about bat removals that they need from the state. If you want a true wildlife removal service that will protect your interests and the wildlife in the state, you need to know upfront what is expected of them. Find a company that will protect your rights and put your best interest first.

There are two things that you can do if you have a problem with raccoons, skunks, bats, and other invasive species. First, call the non-profit humane society that is located near you or visit their website. Next, schedule a consultation appointment with one of the wildlife removal services that you have researched. They will come out to your property to take a look at it, and determine if it will be best to use traps, release the animal, or do some kind of rehabilitation. They will also assess the damage that the squirrels, bats, and raccoons have caused to the area. If the damage is extensive, they will recommend that you get some professional help.


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