Home and business owners often neglect their roach problems until it has started breeding in numbers and showing up in every corner. Cockroaches are most active at night or they are nocturnal, but when you start to see them during the day, it could mean their population is now very large. There are several successful strategies you can hear from your roach exterminator.

Most Common Cockroaches

The two most common type of cockroaches are the German cockroaches which are about half an inch long and varies color from brown to light brown. On the other hand, American cockroaches grows about the same to about double its size once full grown, their wings grows on a full length a bit longer than their body which makes them able to fly.

Cockroach Infestation

It takes approximately 2 weeks for full grown female cockroaches to lay capsule-like eggs that would contain 48 cockroaches inside. And these capsule-like eggs usually brown ones can be done by these roaches about 8 times. So if you could do the math, these cockroaches reproduce very fast. Because of this fast reproduction, they can quickly infest their habitats.

Keeping it Cockroach-Free

Prevention is one of the simplest tactics. Sealing cracks and crevice and putting stripping on windows and doors, can help prevent cockroaches issues. The second strategy is sanitation. Quick cleaning includes routine cleaning under refrigerators, stoves, furniture, and similar areas. If pets are fed indoors, pet food should be stored in tight containers and not left in bowls overnight.

Professional Help

Most people would go for? Do-it-yourself extermination process. While this is economical for you, this might pose health risks. Worse, it can be damaging to your business if left or neglected at early stage.

H2 Environmental Pest Management have professional teams of exterminators who customize pest control plan that would best fit your location. It’s crucial to carry out an upside down inspection before treating your house for cockroaches.