What Pests Can Be Found at Home

Pests are bothersome and might spread bacteria and diseases through contamination. That is why as a homeowner, you would not want these pests in your sanctuary. Here is a list of the most common pests found in residences in the United States.

Houseflies and fruit flies are pests that may bring a range of diseases mainly related to food contamination through the spread of bacteria.

Bed bugs are not just in your bed, mattresses, or pillows. They can also hide in your cabinets and the small crevices of your home. They feed and suck human blood, and their bites are painful and extremely itchy. Their populations increase quite rapidly.

Rats and mice are common rodents around the country. Their droppings may cause a spread of diseases. They cause extreme property damage through biting, gnawing, and scratching.

Termites are small pests, but the damage they produce are quite costly. Your house insurance policy does not cover most of the destruction they cause. They eat on different wooden items or materials in your home, and their populations rise quickly.

Cockroaches are carriers of diseases. They live in cracks or crevices in your home that you do not even know exists. They thrive in warm houses and kitchens, and their number increases quickly because they feed on any food.
Mosquitoes thrive, especially in warmer months in the US. With a lot of species that live in the country, they also carry several diseases that sometimes can be quite fatal if left untreated.

Can I DIY Residential Pest Control?

DIY solutions for pest control are quite increasing in popularity thanks to accessibility to the internet. Residential pest control solutions are available for DIY methods. However, once you hire professional exterminators or residential pest control services, the quality and level of experience is not present in DIY solutions.

Compared to DIY residential pest control, hiring professional service providers can give you:

Where to Get Residential Pest Control Service in Astoria, New York

For all your residential pest control needs in Astoria, New York contact H2 Environmental Pest Management. H2 technicians are professional pest control service providers. DIY or over-the-counter solutions may result in wrong or unsafe applications. H2 Environmental Pest Management uses industrial-grade products that are both effective and environmentally-friendly. Your sanctuary will be pest free in no time.

H2 is also committed to providing you with solutions that can address your pest control problems not just in the short-term but for a longer time.