Top Pest Control in Astoria

People who live in Astoria, New York doesn’t have to worry about resolving pest infestation problems in residential and commercial buildings. There are top pest control and management companies that service Astoria and surrounding areas. These include:

1. H2 Environmental Pest Management

H2 provides all types of pest control services against termites, cockroaches, mice or rats, flies, wildlife, bed bugs, ants, bees, and a whole lot more. The technicians of H2 Environmental Pest Management are highly trained and qualified, and they only use products that have been approved by the EPA.

2. Standard Pest Management

Standard Pest Management’s mission is to provide effective and professional pest management services to its clients in New York City. They employ the latest technology and products of the highest quality to provide excellent services to its customers.

3. Exterminex Pest Control Inc.

Exterminex provides both commercial and residential pest management. They deal with pests and even unwanted wildlife. Apart from traditional chemical products, they also offer a Go-Green Program, which uses non-chemical approaches to pest problems.

4. Knockout Pest Control, Inc.

They have been around since 1975, and they promise to provide effective, timely, and professional pest control services to homes and offices. As one of the ten largest pest management companies within the region, their entire team is trained to control pest problems.

Pest Control in Astoria, New York

Experts should do professional pest control and removal services. Do not attempt any DIY methods with some over-the-counter pest control products that you have bought, especially if the infestation is severe. Ineffective products or wrong application of pest control products may be unsafe for both pets and humans, particularly young children.

Bugs, rodents, and other pests are also quite adept in hiding or selecting habitat within your home or workplace that you might not be aware of. Professional service providers on pest management like H2 Environmental Pest Management in Astoria can provide you with industry-grade products and the level of expertise needed to ensure that your home or workplace is pest-free.

H2 Environmental Pest Management is committed to providing its clients with solutions for pest infestations that are effective but also safe for the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the products of H2 that are specially-formulated for pest management. Only fully-trained and qualified technicians apply these products and conduct pest management and control.

How to Spot a Pest Infestation?

Here are some signs of pest infestation that you should take notice of:

1. Pest droppings – the fecal droppings or urine trail of rodents like mice or rats are easier to spot than that of smaller pests like cockroaches or bed bugs. That is why a thorough examination is necessary.

2. Damages to structures – physical damage such as gnaw marks, shredded wood, tears on boxes, or holes in your personal belongings and other items indicate pest infestation in your home or workplace.

3. Odd smells – roaches and rodents usually have a distinctive smell when present in a house or establishment

4. Dead bugs – if there are several dead bugs of the same type that you see around, it is possible that they probably thrive within the residence or property

5. Wood dust – termites often dine and drill holes on wood, which affects the integrity of your wooden pillars or furniture. If the wood sounds hollow when tapped or you see wood dust near or around wooden items, you have termites

Why Get Rid of Pests?

It is crucial to get rid of the pests in your home or workplace as these cause inconvenience or, worse, health hazards, such as contamination or property damage. When you see early signs of an infestation, getting rid of pests is equally important to mitigate the damage, eliminate them, and prevent them from coming back.