As a homeowner, you’re constantly faced with tasks and responsibilities, both big and small. These refinements are needed to keep your home in tip-top shape. Replacing, cleaning, and defending are all words which have become part of a regimented plan for home maintenance.

One of the more important tasks involves keeping pests out of your house. Anything, from insects, to birds and rodents, can be a pest, and may attempt to invade your space. Nobody wants these freeloading types of pests.

So, how often should you invest in proper pest control? Unfortunately, there isn’t just one answer. Overall, your unique situation and location will influence much of the pest control you’ll need. Additional factors can include the seasons or times of the year, previous pest maintenance schedules, and environmental factors in and around your house.

Let’s take a look at some monthly pest control concerns. We’ll examine some typical and not-so-typical needs. Then, you can begin to make some decisions about how often you’ll need service from pest control companies.

Location and Types of Pests Present

One of the biggest concerns about pest control revolves around where you’re located. The types of pests, as well as the population numbers, will change depending on where you live and what you live near. Pest control companies in your area can discuss what pests are most likely to invade your home, based on your house location.

For instance, if your house is on property bordering a forest, you may have more instances of wild or native pests invading, including snakes, roaches, and ants. For these scenarios, pest control may be monthly for less severe problems, or every two weeks for more tenacious pests.

The region of the country you live in may also play a substantial role in your needed pest control solutions. Did you know that termites can be found in every U.S. state, except Alaska? They prefer warmer climates, though, so southern regions, particularly the southeast, are more likely to see higher numbers of termite infestation.

Combating a pest like termites and paying for the damage repairs caused by pests such as these can be costly. Regular monthly pest inspections and treatments help residents to keep a handle on these and other often overlooked invaders.

How Substantial is Your Pest Problem?

Many homeowners will find that they are battling more than just one type of pest infestation or encroachment. As humans, we attract so many pests because we generate so many food sources.

Your pest control needs will fluctuate, depending on your needs. For instance, if you have substantial roaches and ants, you’ll want your pest service to monitor and spray two or maybe three times a month, to start. Once you have the pests managed, you can move to a monthly service.

If you have existing pest control, or the amount of pests in your area is low, you may be able to simply schedule monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services.

Seasonal Changes Affect Pest Control Safety | Damages Caused by Pests.

Some pest levels can fluctuate with the seasons. In winter, especially in northern climates, much of the pest activity slows, as many species move into dormancy or hibernation.

On the other hand, summer can see large expansions of pest populations and infestations. Well-trained pest control companies look to match your treatments with the increases in annual pest activity. This type of planned preventative maintenance saves homeowners from costly repairs resulting from damages caused by pests.

Utilizing a strategic schedule and plan for treating specific pests helps reduce the amount of spraying needed, too. Regular maintenance schedules spread out the pesticide usage around your home. Pest control safety is very important for you, your kids, and your pets.

Scheduling for indoor treatments based on seasonal changes allows customers to make plans for furniture protection from the pesticide spray also. Once a month or even every two weeks may be necessary for high volume pest months. But other months will see declines in usage, based on seasonal conditions.

Pests in houses are almost inevitable. But they’re also treatable. Maintaining a regular schedule of treatments and inspections is necessary to stay ahead of pest infestations and pest damage repairs. Seek out reputable pest control companies to help you and your family remain safe and free of the many types of pests.




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