H2 Environmental Pest Management knows that and we also need our environmental impact to be minimal and healthy. We have built-in safeguards to reduce the danger of any merchandise we might use. A pest management program requires a team approach between the company and homeowner. Together with your help, we could remove and manage pest problems by preventing and reducing pest control in Astoria, New York, their search for food, and harborage.

We use Integrated Pest Management as a base to appraise and apply less substances. By doing repair work and observation pest behaviors we reduce or eliminate pests in order that they do not take over and cause more damage. We frequently recommend servicing a monthly and bi-monthly foundation. We have learned that applying quarterly or annual treatments only, occasionally results in pests returning and much more merchandise having to be implemented.

We continually evaluate methods and products to find better methods to deal with pest problems. Our goal is to protect our customers, their businesses and homes, AND our staff who often wear special protective suits and masks when necessary.

“Greenwashing” is a problem, especially in our industry. We don’t do this. We believe we must maintain and be good stewards of the environment so we are able to pass on a much healthier and cleaner world to our children. If you have questions concerning the products or techniques that we utilize, please do not be afraid to ask. We are delighted to talk about any and all procedures.

How do you solve your pest problems? The secret is to be ready to ask questions. Learning about the pests you have and alternatives which are available to control specific pests is the very first step.

Try pest control services from H2 Environmental Pest Management in Astoria, New York. You can do this by following the tips below: