Bed bugs extermination has been around for years. The spread of COVID-19 had folks pay more attention to this service since more people are staying at home.

Preventive measures

The common bed bug has been a insect — feeding on blood, causing bites and usually bothersome their hosts. Bed bugs aren’t known to pass or cause diseases unlike other pests. However, they could cause additional public health problems, therefore it’s important to pay careful attention to controlling and preventing bed bugs.

Don’t Overthink the Situation

Yes, infestation can cause panic. But this could also worsen the situation and you can get to jump to conclusions you don’t necessarily need. Reaching for your spray can does not solve the problem. You should make sure you have the bed bugs and not fleas and ticks. Compare how they look and their appearances.

Clean and Wash

If you have been spending more time on your bed and slacking on changing the sheets, think again. Regularly cleaning and changing bed sheets can go a long way for getting rid of these bugs. However, don’t store too long in your laundry basket as these bugs tend to stick around these hampers.

Call for Professional Help

The lack of knowledge?about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices may be the reason for the recent jump of bed bugs infestation.

Hiring a specialist for bed bugs extermination may increase your chance of success. Make sure it’s a business that has a good reputation, if you rent an expert and request that it’s an IPM approach.

H2 Environmental Pest Management employs remedies that are effective to remove bed bugs. Our effective and proven methods are safe for children or pets with meticulous procedures from our trained experts.