Bees: Facts and Identification

swarm of bees

Bee removal is a growing specialty as more people become interested in keeping bees for business purposes or simply for fun. Although it can be a lucrative business venture, it is not without its risks. If you are considering hiring a company to take care of bee removal for you, there are a few important […]

Bed Bugs Removal: How to Identify Them and Get Rid of Them

Bed bug on a bed

Bed Bug Removal is not a common term, so much so that when you search the web for this particular term, a multitude of results come up. Bed bugs are certainly one of the nastiest, psychologically distressing insects in the world, and if you ever see one creeping around in your sleep, don’t take it […]

Termite Control: Facts and Identification

termites on a table

Termite Control is a growing industry in the United States. With over 20 million homes up for sale or resale, this industry is exploding. We’ll find out about the three main termite control techniques are baiting, liquid pesticides, and fumigation. Baiting: Baiting is one of the most effective termite control techniques and involves applying insecticide […]

Ant Control: Extermination and Removal

Ants on a leaf

New York City pest control services are your last line of defense against an invasion of ants when it comes to getting rid of ants. New York’s Department of Health and Environmental Protection recommends that all persons wishing to get rid of ants, insects, rodents, and similar pests, contact a professional pest control service for […]

Residential Pest Control: How To Keep Pests Outside Your Home


Residential Pest Control 101. When autumn arrives, every wildlife creature you can think of decides to give you a visit. Squirrels can be seen on your roof. Mice seem to be able to find their way to your garage and even in the kitchen. Rats seem to have been coming onto you like they’re pulling […]

Squirrel Removal in New York City

squirrel on a tree

Many homeowners in Queens New York state have a need for squirrel removal due to the presence of squirrels in their neighborhood. Squirrels love to create havoc on your personal property and your gardens. Squirrels are usually in the winter months when they hibernate and forage for food. When the weather is warm, they come […]

Rabbit Removal

Rabbit removal

Rabbit removal in New York is a thriving business as the number of rabbits has increased dramatically in recent times. The most common form of domestic rabbits across the country is the Rabbit population within the city limits of New York. It is estimated that there are over 2021 breeds of rabbits in New York […]

How to Get Rid of Skunks

scared skunk

If you have a skunk on your property you are going to need to do some Skunk Removal before any trapping can take place. Skunk is a dangerous animal and should not be approached without caution. Most people are killed by these creatures when they try to touch them without gloves, mask and hat. There […]

Learning About Ticks: How to Get Rid of Them


Facts About Ticks Learning about ticks: how to get rid of them is an essential thing to know for people with children and furry pets. Four types of ticks are common pests for dogs, cats, and others. They’re the American dog tick, the brown dog tick, the Lone Star tick, and the black-legged tick (a.k.a. […]

In-House Pest Infestation: What Are the Primary Signs?

in-house pest infestation

Ever wonder if there’s an in-house pest infestation happening in your home? Well, this is a dreadful situation. That is why, early detection of infestation will help you resolve the problem at once. But what are the primary signs that something else is invading your home? Check it out: 1. A Build-up of Dirt and […]

Hire a Pest Control Company in Astoria, New York or DIY?

pest control company

The proliferation of online blogs and the increased access of people to the internet has caused the popularity of home remedies and do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions to many problems and issues. Even when it comes to pest control or extermination, DIY solutions are rampant. The dilemma is whether you need to spend money and hire somebody […]

Residential Pest Infestation: Going Into the Details

pest infestation

Infestation refers to the invasion of pests or parasites in one place so as to cause harm or sickness. Like termites within the house or insects on the plants. There are 2 classes of infestation – internal and external. External(ectoparasitic infestation)– Parasites primarily stay or go on the surface of the host. This includes head […]

Benefits of Ongoing Pest Control in Astoria, New York

roach square

Most homeowners probably do not think of pests as a housing problem, until the first sight of the pesky little critters emerges. Pests are roaming, scampering, or hanging out in the house and scare or annoy families and homeowners to their wits. What is more problematic is that a lot of house pests carry different […]

Reasons Why You Need a Pest Control Service


Hiring a professional pest control service in New York can be tricky. There are tons of options to choose from, and you wonder which one to pick and why. Before we go there, let us talk about the reasons and benefits of hiring a professional pest control service rather than handling these termites, spiders, or […]

3 Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Restaurant

Eliminate Cockroaches

Regardless of whether you’re running a Michelin-star fine-dining institution or a rustic, homey bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town, a pest infestation will always be a big component in the recipe for disaster, especially during surprise health inspections. When this problem arise, you would need to eliminate cockroaches from your restaurant. The inconvenience […]

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Home Effectively

rat square

Your home is where you bond with your loved ones and create precious memories with your family. It’s where you and the people you love the most reside in. That is why it’s important to keep it a safe and healthy environment. And this means keeping pests away from your home.? Because of this, there […]